It all began in 2002

The company was founded in 1990, and from 2002, when its 100% stake was purchased by the current owners, a new stage of Sea-Logistics operation began.

Founding of the company



Aquisition of the company


The company was founded in 1990, and from 2002, when its 100% stake was purchased by the current owners, a new stage of Sea-Logistics operation began. From the beginning of its activity, the company has been developing dynamically from year to year, which is reflected in the constantly increasing turnover in comparison to each previous year, the expanding range of services, increasing employment, as well as the transfer of the company's headquarters to its own facility in 2010 Suchy Dwór near Gdynia.


Sugar project


In 2005, our company began preparations for implementation in the so-called "Sugar project in the port of Gdańsk", as a result of which we made a joint investment together with one of the largest Polish sugar producers and the port of Gdańsk, which led to the creation of a dedicated terminal for handling cane sugar in bulk at this port.

We were pioneers when it comes to servicing such commodity through Polish ports and for the following years, until now, we continue to participate in comprehensive logistics services for sugar logistics. Within our offer, one can find ship agency services, chartering, clarification in port, customs clearance, as well as organization of reloading in port together with inland haulage to the refinery.


New headquaters


After many years of renting the whole floor in the Gdynia Aquarium building located on the Kosciuszko Square with a view of the port in Gdansk and Gdynia, we have changed the location to our own facility. The office is currently located in a detached house in Suchy Dwór just behind Gdynia, which creates a unique atmosphere for work and favors relationships among employees and Customers.


Easy Fresh Logistics


Since 2011, we have been an agent in Poland of the global logistics network Easy Fresh Logistics.


Fruit project


Sea-Logistics values challenges and undertaking ventures that seem impossible to others. Such a challenge in 2011 was a very ambitious project aimed at gradually redirect the current routes of fruit and vegetable transport in Poland to imports from Western European ports and truck supplies and instead to use the potential of Short Sea Shipping and Polish seaports.
Sea-Logistics could already predict the dynamic development of Polish ports many years ago, in particular the North Port in Gdańsk. That is why for many years our cooperation with the port of Gdansk and local border inspections was almost seamlessly, which resulted in the "Sugar project" mentioned previously as well as acting as a consultant for the newly-built container terminal DCT Gdansk, with which Sea-Logistics signed a historical contract No. 001 and to which it was the first to send its containers.

DCT in turn rewarded Sea-Logistics with huge support on the "Fruit Project", providing its conference rooms to the numerous events organized by SeaLogistics with guests from DCT port, representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Maritime Institute in Gdańsk, port authorities of Gdańsk and Gdynia, Customs Officers, shipowners, control companies and other entities with a keen interest in obtaining large ports of cargo for Polish ports, which unfortunately our ports are bypassing.

Titanic work that has been made over the years to convince both the importers , exporters and institutions from the fruit, meat, dairy and border inspection sectors as well as companies from the maritime and maritime trade resulted in signing of several dozen letters of intent by the largest Polish importers of fruit and vegetables and meat exporters and dairy products, followed by the emergence of the so-called "Interministerial Commission for Border Check Border Restructuring" and as a result of establishing cooperation with a strategic partner, which contributed to the construction of the first refrigeration warehouse in the Pomeranian Logistics Center in Gdańsk, which was adapted both for servicing, among others fruit, vegetables and fish in import as well as export shipments of Polish meat and dairy products.

A few other companies followed immediately, thanks to which our dream of creating a real hub in the Polish port to handle a variety of food loads requiring controlled temperature was successfully realized.


AEO certificate


Since 2013, our Customs Agency has an AEO - Authorized Economic Operator certificate, we are able to provide a simplified and faster form of releasing goods to the recipient.


As a company with many years of experiance on the market, we guarantee professional and high quality of services. Our staff provides advisory support at every stage of shipping without complicated formalities and procedures.

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